It is an international specialized competition of professional skills conducted among students of secondary and higher educational institutions


Objectives and mission of the competition


Competition objectives

  • To increase the goodwill of the auto business professions
  • To find talented and promising young specialists
  • To improve career guidance systems
  • To incorporate effective innovative methods and interactive programs in training
  • To motivate young people to constant growth and development in the field of car services
  • To raise interest among potential employers in the cooperation with young specialist
  • To acquire breakthrough knowledge in the automotive technology


  • To motivate young people to fully develop their individual and team skills, improve and incorporate advanced international practice solutions into the educational process


Automotive technician

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The preliminary stage of the competition takes place in each country that has decided to participate. This stage is carried out in educational institutions with the use of a specialized system of remote interactive testing. This stage is conducted with the help of ELECTUDE. Then three best participants from each institution form a team that represents the interests of the institution.


The national stage is the final stage on the national level of the competition and it is held among the teams from each educational institution. As a part of this phase, all teams get the written tests. The best teams in each competence represent the interests of the country in the international stage of the competition.


The international stage is the final of the competition. In this stage in each nomination take part the teams-winners from each participating country. Within the framework of this stage, a practical solution of competitive tasks on vehicles is carried out using specialized tools and equipment.


Stocktaking and awarding winners


The International engineering Center for the Support and Development of the Automotive Business SENSYS


SENSYS Center holds competitions of professional skills in the field of auto business not only among juniors, but also among experienced professionals.

For a short period of vigorous activity, the Center was able to become a recommended link between manufacturing companies, government and commercial institutions on questions of training and developing personnel for the automotive business in the CIS countries.

Competence and quality assurance of the Center’s services are confirmed by a number of authorizations from world-renowned companies.