The results of the competition SERVICE MASTER JUNIOR - 2018

On November 1, the final stage of SERVICE MASTER JUNIOR, the first Republican contest among students of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus, took place.

During the month, teams from 16 technical educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus engaged in training for mechanical engineering and car service fought for prizes. The preliminary stage of the competition was held remotely on the ELECTUDE platform, the international system of e-learning for automotive technicians and engineers. To our mind, it was an interesting fight: all the participants were able to prove themselves and demonstrate their knowledge and teamwork.

The competition was organized by SENSYS, the International Engineering center.

The General partner of the competition was the company WUERTH. The first association that comes to all professionals around the world when mentioning WUERTH is the time-tested quality. IOOO "WürtBel" is a reliable partner in business, a team of specialists, a leader in quality and service in the field of consumables and tools supply for professional use.

The organizer of the competition together with the company IOOO "WürtBel" set up a valuable prize Fund. The winners received gift certificates, thermoses, notebooks, caps and many other prizes.

In the final stage of the competition, each team had 1 hour to solve tests in mechanics, electrical engineering and diagnostics.

The organizers noted that they had decided to impose strong requirements despite the fact that the participants were still only students and not experienced experts and specialists. And they were pleasantly surprised that most of the students coped with the tasks quite well.

The jury consisted of recognized experts in the field of automotive technology and practicing trainers of SENSYS Academy of automotive business.

The fight in the final stage was really fierce despite the fact that the first two places were determined unconditionally, however as many as 5 educational institutions were competing for the third place. They literally went face to face, causing the jury to have a hitch. How to determine the 3rd prize among of them, when all five educational institutions scored the same number of points?

And this is when the most interesting part started: the organizers decided to look not at the total number of points, but at the points that each educational institution scored in a certain test (mechanics, electrical, diagnostics). However they didn't determine here the obvious leader either.

After some discussion, the technical coaches decided to choose the winner, based on the results of testing in the professional ELECTUDE simulator that the participants used in the first stage of the competition. This is how the undisputed leader was identified.

Note that the maximum number of points that the team could score – 30 points. Each question was evaluated in one point. Of course, the winners have already been announced, prizes awarded, emotions subsided, but it would be wrong not to provide a list of all educational institutions that participated in the competition, as well as a photo report with the winners.

1st place - The Branch of Educational Institution (EI) Republican Institute for Vocational Education (RIVE) "College of modern technologies in mechanical engineering and car service": Yagodka Alexander, Bondarovich Artem, Vladisik Alexander – 24 points.

2nd place - The Branch of EI RIVE "Minsk State Automechanical College named after academician M.S. Vysotsky": Kazlovski Sergey, Kravchenko Anastasia, Pecevich Vladislav – 23 points

3rd place-UO "Brest state technical University": Kirill Danyluk, Vladislav Kardash, Dmitry Derkach – 22 points.

4th place - EI "Polotsk State University": Zeitullaev Artem, Volkov Pavel, Gushcha Angelina – 22 points.
5th place - The branch of the EI BNTU "Minsk State Polytechnic College": Seleznev Denis, Korkut Vladislav, Dmitriy - 22 points.
6th place - Leeds College EI "Grodno State University Yanka Kupala": Ermakov Alexander, Strukov Stanislav, Shabronsky Daniel – 22 points.
7th place - EI "Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno": Tsuhai Evgeny, Radevich Mikhail, Zvirblya Pavel - 22 points.
8th place - The Branch of the EI BNTU "Bobruisk State Motor Transport College": Stempovitski Yan, Svartsevich Fedor, Holodok Artem – 20 points.
9th place - the Branch of the EI BNTU "Minsk State Machine-building College": Volodin Evgeny, Pleschenko Alexey, Kasets Yuri – 18 points.
10th place - EI "Postavy State College": Kukovsky Sergei, Tershukov Vasily, Kuzmich Vladislav -18 points.
11th place - EI "Orsha State College of Mechanics and Economics": Mandrik Igor, Rybakov Vitaly, Shumach Alexey - 17 points.
12th place - The Branch of the EI BNTU "Borisov State Polytechnic College": Savinsky Alexey, Sokolov Egor, Zhdanovich Egor - 16 points.
13th place - The branch of the EI BNTU "Vitebsk State Technological College": Skorina Klim, Fedorchuk Evgeny, Matveev Maxim - 16 points.
14th place - EI "Pinsk State Agrarian and Technical College named after A. E. Kleshchev": Nikonchuk Yuri, Chervyakov Dmitry, Seredich Vladislav - 16 points.
15th place - The Branch of EI RIVE "Gomel State Road-Building College named after Lenin Komsomol of Byelorussia": Kravchenko Andrei, Osipenko Vladimir, Koren Andrei - 15 points.
16th place - EI "Volkovysk State Agrarian College": Filonik Andrey, Rotanov Kirill, Khomitsky Alexey - 8 points.

We would like to thank all the participants for their contribution and for the positive emotions that we were able to give to each other.